Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green City

Do you heard about Green City?? I agree with the government to launch this project..In Malacca, the green technologies city had launched to make sure the natural resources will be maintained..

What is the GREEN CITY??

Green City Project is dedicated to increasing the compatibility of cities with their local natural systems by providing resources to link individuals and group with each other and community-based ecological activities.

Source from the The Star: The Government realises that countries adopting sustainable energy and green technology will be winners in the 21st century as it will 
be the core of economies. This is not an option but a reality that all nations must face.

If we think for the long term, our natural resources will be dissapeared..let's think about it..

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Powpah said...

=)) pecinta alam!!

karmilaillang said...

^-*...bgusla, klu awak cintakan alam kita..tak buang smpah merata-ratakan?...klu mc buang..perlu bnyk menhayati